How Does It Work?

A building which paid $20,000 in city taxes in 2016 is
now being taxed for $39,000 in 2017. Taxes in 2018 will
be $59,807; $80,137 in 2019 and $100,466 in 2020.

How Does this impact Yonge Street?

Many small businesses on Yonge St. will not be able to
afford such huge increases to their property taxes and
will have to close.

What You Can Do

Call Mayor Tory to protest this unprecedented property tax increase that puts the livelihoods of small business owners at risk and will jeopardize Yonge Street’s vibrancy. Mayor’s Office Tel: (416) 397-2489 For more info, call: (416) 629-2169,

Download a copy of the booklet here: